Tungsten is a material mainly used in creating tungsten plating, used in construction of the fission and fusion reactors.

Acquiring TungstenEdit

Tungsten is acquired through placing netherrack in a decomposer. As tungsten only has a 10% drop rate from netherrack, it is suggested you have plenty of it to meet the demands of the plating required for the reactors. Netherrack also produces berrylium which is used in creating the tunsten plating.

(Sidenote: In some Modpacks it states that you need molten ardite in order to make Tungsten, this is not true. Netherrack is fine)

Fun FactsEdit

  • Tungsten is also known as the element Wolfram
  • Naturally it is found in ores of Scheelite and Wolfram
  • It has a density 19.3 times the density of water
  • It has many applications, from filaments in lightbulbs to X-ray tubes, electrodes in welding, superalloys, and it even has use in the military as projectile building materials.
  • Tungsten is known to be used by several species of bacteria and archeabacteria, and is the heaviest element to be known to be used by any living organism.


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