Radioactivity, or instability, of an element measures how likely its atomic nucleus is to split apart into smaller elements. Mine Chem provides access to most elements on the Periodic Table from hydrogen to ununtrium, and as in real life, most of the heavier elements—especially bismuth (83) and above—are radioactive to some degree. Decaying elements will deal damage to the player and transform into a new element. If a radioactive element is not stored in a Leaded Chest, then it can decay while stored, and the first player to open the inventory after decay will be damaged.

Decay Process Edit

For each radioactive element, Mine Chem provides a timer in the mouse-over tool tip that counts down to 0. When this decay timer expires, the element decays and some amount of damage is taken by the player who has the element in their inventory; if the element decays while stored in an unleaded chest, then the first player to open the inventory will receive the damage. During radioactive decay, the atomic number decreases by 1 and the element transforms into the corresponding element; if the new element is itself radioactive, then the timer is reset.

Degrees of Radioactivity Edit

Radioactive elements can have one of 6 degrees of radioactivity, which determines the length of time until the element decays and the strength of the damage the player takes when decay occurs. If a stack of 2 or more radioactive elements decay, then the player receives damage for each individual element.

Degree of Radioactivity Time Until Decay Strength of Damage
Stable Infinite N/A
Hardly Radioactive 4 hours, 48 minutes 1 point (½ heart)
Slightly Radioactive 2 hours, 24 minutes 2 points (1 heart)
Radioactive 1 hour, 12 minues 4 points (2 hearts)
Highly Radioactive 36 minutes 8 points (4 hearts)
Extremely Radioactive 12 minutes 16 points (8 hearts)

Radioactive Molecules Edit

Molecules made with radioactive elements share the radioactive properties of their constituent element, and they are split apart upon decay. As of version 5.0.5, there are only two such molecules:

Managing Radiation Edit

Leaded Chest Edit

Main Article: Leaded Chest Edit

A leaded chest is a special inventory, created by surrounding a wooden chest with 8 atoms of lead, that will pause the decay timers of any radioactive element stored within. Unfortunately, the leaded chest has only 9 inventory slots (unlike a normal chest's 27 slots).