Grid Polytool
Basic Information
Use Modifiable multitool
Crafted in Chemical Synthesis Machine
Cost Carbon Nanotubes × 256

The Polytool is an all-in-one tool that combines an axe, pickaxe, shovel and sword and that can be upgraded with elements to add effects or to alter the tool speeds.

Crafting Edit

The Polytool is crafted by placing a 4 full stacks of Carbon Nanotubes into the Chemical Synthesis Machine configured so that the top-center, left-center, right-center, and bottom-center slots each have a full stack.

Usage Edit

Polytool gui example

Polytool Configuration GUI with hydrogen, sulfur, ruthenium, and rhodium modifiers. Click image for a larger version.

The Polytool is used in the same way as any Minecraft tool: left-click is used to attack, chop, dig, and mine, and right-click opens the configuration GUI.

While in the configuration GUI, you can place a full stack of an element (64 atoms) in the upper-left slot to upgrade the tool with that element and apply its effects; however, there is no way to remove elements from the tool once they're applied. All active elements are shown revolving around the Polytool in the GUI.

Element Effects Edit

Tool Modifiers Edit

Without any modifications, the Polytool has +8 Attack Damage, and 8 speed points each for the pickaxe (which tracks two separate statistics for ore mining and stone mining speeds), shovel, and axe functionalities. The following table lists the damage and speed modifiers for each of the relevant elements. No stat can be lowered below 4 points.

Element Attack Damage Pickaxe Speed
Pickaxe Speed
Axe Speed Shovel Speed
Aluminum ±0 −4 ±0 +8 −4
[note 1]
−2 −2 −2 +8 −2
Manganese ±0 −4 ±0 −4 +8
Cobalt −4 ±0 −4 ±0 +8
Gallium ±0 +8 ±0 −4 −4
Selenium −4 +8 −4 ±0 ±0
Strontium −2 +8 −2 −2 −2
Yttrium ±0 −4 +8 −4 ±0
Niobium −4 ±0 +8 ±0 −4
Molybdenum −2 −2 +8 −2 −2
Ruthenium +8 −4 ±0 −4 ±0
Rhodium +8 ±0 −4 ±0 −4
Palladium +8 −2 −2 −2 −2
Cadmium −2 −2 −2 −2 +8

Special Effects Edit

In addition to tool modifiers above, some elements add special effects to the Polytool. The table below lists all effects as of version 5.0.5.

Element Effect
Hydrogen Causes an explosion when the attacked entity is on fire.
Helium Mobs float upwards when attacked and take fall damage.
Beryllium Increases the chance of beheading a mob.
Boron Increases the damage when attacking spiders. Equivalent to a Bane of Arthropods enchant.
Carbon Increases the number of items dropped when mining coal or diamond.
Nitrogen Zombies drop cooked steak instead of rotten meat when killed.
Oxygen Provides extra air when mining underwater.
Fluorine There is a random chance of filling the hunger bar by 4 points whenever a block is mined.
Neon Gives player night vision when attacking.
Sodium Randomly places a torch at the players current location when mining.
Magnesium Blinds nearby mobs with a bright magnesium flash.
Silicon Mob drops have a chance of decomposing into constituent molecules when a mob is killed.
Phosphorus Has a chance of setting nearby blocks on fire when breaking grass, flowers, leaves, or wood.
Sulfur Sets entities on fire when attacked.
Chlorine Poisons all mobs within a 1-block radius when attacking.
Argon Increases damage taken while suffocating.
Calcium Skeletons drop more bones when killed.
Titanium Increases chances of item drops when a mob is killed.
Chromium There is a small chance of changing the wool color when breaking wool blocks.
Iron Mines 2 adjacent ore blocks at once.
Nickel Player can pick up items from farther away.
Zinc Makes fake diamonds when mining dirt.[note 2]
Bromine Mining gold ore drops two gold ingots instead of the raw ore.
Krypton Deals more damage to armored players
Rubidium Creates an explosion when breaking blocks under water.
Silver Extra damage vs. Endermen.[note 2]
Caesium Creates an explosion when mining stone.
Platinum Mobs yield 50-75% more experience when killed.
Gold Occasionally creates lightning strikes which charge inventory.[note 2]
Mercury Warns the player if lava within 3 blocks below a mined block.
Lead Temporarily drops flying mobs to the ground for easier.
Francium Creates an explosion when attacking mobs in the rain.
Uranium Withers all mobs within a 1-block radius when attacking.

Notes Edit

  1. There is a bug in the mod where Vanadium's effect description is the same as Manganese's.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 This is the description provided in-game, however the functionality does not seem to be implemented as of version 5.0.5. It may be a bug or a work-in-progress.