Welcome to the Minechem Wiki! Add chemistry to your Minecraft world and become the mad scientist you've always dreamed of being! Craft machines to recreate nearly anything in the world from elements and molecules found by breaking down existing items or by fusing together or splitting apart atoms themselves. Want to take a more measured approach? Use the microscope to refine your discovery methods to determine new molecular structures!

Getting Started Edit

Familiarize yourself with Minechem by taking a look at the various Machines, Elements, and Molecules you have at your disposal. However, your basic Minechem setup should have...

  • A Chemical Decomposer to break down items and blocks into their constituent elements and molecules.
  • A source of power. As of version 5.0.5 for Minecraft 1.7.10, Minechem machines use Redstone Flux from Thermal Expansion; however, older versions for Minecraft 1.6.4 use Universal Electricity.

Download and InstallationEdit

The following instructions are for the latest version, 5.0.5.

Ultimately, it is recommended to do modding through a launcher such as Feed the Beast or the AT Launcher, since they usually provide mod packs that include Minechem and handle a lot of the initial setup; they may also provide an option for a vanilla Minecraft with just Minecraft Forge installed.

Prerequisites Edit

The following are absolute must-haves in order to get Mine Chem loaded up and working correctly.

  • Minecraft Forge for 1.7.10. If using a launcher, this step is usually done for you. If not, then Minecraft Forge must be installed using the Installer provided on the Downloads page linked here. See the MC Forge installation documentation for platform-specific instructions.
  • CoFHLib. Once MC Forge is installed and ready, place the CoFHLib JAR into the mods directory.

Strongly Recommended Edit

The following are not required to get Minechem loaded, but they are necessary to actually play around with the mod.

  • Thermal Foundation (required for Thermal Expansion). This goes into the mods directory.
  • Thermal Expansion. This is the central mod that provides means of generating and storing the energy used by Minechem machines. Thermal Expansion is out of the scope of this wiki, but other online resources (such as Feed the Beast's wiki, provide information on getting power generation up and running.
  • Thermal Dynamics. Although not strictly required like the other two mods above, Thermal Dynamics provides the pipes and cables needed to transport energy.

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