MineChem adds a few different machines and items used to manipulate the elements and molecules found in the mod.

Microscope and Chemist's JournalEdit

The Microscope is used to analyze items and molecules to determine what chemicals and elements the items decompose into and how those constituents can be recombined to synthesize the items. The Chemist's Journal is placed within the microscope and automatically records the decomposition and synthesis recipes for easy lookup.

Chemical Decomposer and Chemical Synthesis MachineEdit

The Chemical Decomposer uses energy to break down items into their component elements and molecules. 

The Chemical Synthesis Machine uses energy to combine elements and molecules into larger molecules and items. This machine can also be loaded up with a recipe by selecting an item in the Chemist's Journal and placing the journal in the machine to quickly produce a item using chemicals in the synthesis machine's inventory.

Fission and Fusion Chambers and ProjectorEdit

The Fission Chamber is a multi-block structure that splits an element up into two new elements whose atomic numbers are equal to half of the original element's number (for example, an atom of beryllium [atomic number 4] is split into two atoms of helium [atomic number 2]).

The Fusion Chamber is a multi-block structure that combines two elements into a new element whose atomic number is the sum of the numbers of the original two (for example, a lead atom [atomic number 82] and a zinc atom [atomic number 30] are fused into an atom of copernicium [atomic number 112]).

The Projector is a simple machine that accepts a blueprint for a fission or fusion chamber and projects it, layer by layer, into the world to aid in creating the structure.