Cellulose is a long chain of linked sugar molecules that gives wood its remarkable strength. It is the main component of plant cell walls, and the basic building block for many textiles and for paper. [1]

Chemical Equation C6H10O5
Stack Yes ; 64

Effects When ConsumedEdit

  • Nothing appears to happen.

Crafting RecipesEdit

This item can only be made and used with the Chemical Decomposer and the Chemical Synthesis Machine. It can not be used with any vanilla items.

Chemical Decomposer OutputsEdit

  • Wood Logs
    • 4 Items of Cellulose (50% Chance)

  • Wood Planks
    • 2 Items of Cellulose (40% Chance)

  • Saplings
    • 1 Item of Cellulose (25% Chance)

Other NotesEdit

More profitable to produce carbon from cellulose from a tree farm than by burning charcoal.